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If you prefer to vape your CBD, there is no better CBD e-liquid than Enecta’s Ambrosia. Organic, and nicotine free – with a really great marijuana flavour.

*100% Certified Organic

*100% Natural

*100% Quality Tested

*100% Nicotine Free

*100% GMO Free

*100% Quality Tested

*100% Legal

We highly recommend using a 3-in-1 vape such as the V2 Series 3. It can be used with e-liquid, wax/crystals and dry herb.

Total CBD per bottle: 200mg

Cost per mg of CBD: £0.17 / mg


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Enecta’s Ambrosia e-liquid in a 10ml bottle with 200mg of CBD in a really great marijuana flavour. Enecta’s CBD oil e-liquid is the most premium CBD e-liquid with the addition of pure CBD extract and terpenes.

Marijuana flavoured with organic essence and natural extract.